Following in the footsteps of Louisiana's educational system, we've decided that it takes far too much effort to be among the elite of LSU fans. Sure, we could probably be great sportsmen and have been known to do that from time to time, but overall it's just way easier to be a jackass :)

NOTE: This club does not consist entirely of people who share this mentality, but they do all have at least one friend like that.

Our name was pulled from a press release that Skip Bertman put out in response to complaints received from Georgia fans following their loss to LSU in Death Valley during the 2003 season. The press release contained the following text describing the bad fans referred to by those Georgia fans:

"Certainly 99 percent of our fans are great, loyal and enthusiastic supporters who represent the University with pride and share in the spirit of sportsmanship. These fans support the Tigers with great fervor, and they respect fellow Tiger fans and visiting fans as well."

"It’s that other one percent of the fans who can ruin the reputation of our entire institution."

"There were approximately 115,000 fans on campus for the LSU vs. Georgia game. Consider that one percent of 115,000 people is over 1,100 people who throw items, curse, are inebriated, obnoxious or otherwise disruptive, and can make a visit to Tiger Stadium miserable for our fans or visitors to our campus."

The full press release can be found HERE.

The Pot-O-Gold tipping couple in the logo came from one unverified complaint that a Georgia fan was knocked over in a portable toilet and then punched in the face by an LSU fan afterwards. This might have been believable to me if the second half of that wasn't mentioned. Who's going to punch a guy covered in "Tiger doo"? That's just gross. Maybe it was one of our campus leprechauns that did it...

Now I, along with several of my friends, believe that if Georgia had won that game, then there might not have been so many complaints following the game. Florida fans certainly didn't complain that year.

I think all in all, we're just a big group of loyal LSU fans that love to have a great time. Sometimes we may get out of hand, but we'll try to have cattle prods available in case that happens. I guess the most important thing is that we've never had a bad experience at Tiger Stadium... that we can remember.