This page is dedicated to those who put forth that extra 1% and deserve special recognition as a result. This is quite possibly an honor and you should quite possibly be proud of it. Who knows, we may even give out a special award for the person who gets the most 1POTMs in the year. If you know of anyone who did something worthy of mention for this highly unprestigious award, please submit it in the forum link HERE.

This award comes from a nomination from BrianDaTripod, and is well deserved. I'll let Brian's words announce this one:

I want to nominate Kyle for his dominating performance of the case challenge the opening weekend of college football. His performance of drinking was only was only toped by the verbal ass raping handed out to spice near completion and after completion. He then managed to get in his car and drive home through my neighbors yard like a true 1%er. The day consisted of Paul, Spice, Kyle, and myself each trying to kill our own case while watching college football. Spice had the following things to say about Kyle:

Spice: "Kyle is the one you guys should worry about not finishing, he will probably pass out"

Spice: "I'm a better drinker than Kyle"

Quotes from later in the night when Kyle had two beers left and Spice had around 8.

Kyle holding his last two beers as to seem as if they were talking to eachother: "Hey beer how are you? I'm lonely cause it's only you and me left. Maybe we could go hang out with Spice's beer.... he seems to have plenty that he can't finish"

Kyle: "Hey Spice, you're right.... I am passing out.... passing out ASS WHIPPINS!!"

I would say it is clear to see why Kyle should take home this crown for the month of august.



This award goes to the biggest media whore in our group. He gets all the girls, all the attention, all the fun. Quite frankly, I think it's just B.S. He's been in more publications in the first half of this season than the rest of our group has since the beginning of this tailgate. That, and he's a freakin' drunk too...

SEPTEMBER 2007 WINNER (Tom 2.0 from MySpace)

Here's another nomination from a forum member (redmenace). I'll let her explain:

I would like to nominate Paul as 1%er of the Month, for valiantly not dying this weekend in New Orleans. While our glorious Tigers were overcoming a shitty 11:00am timeslot and The World's Fugliest Goddamn Uniforms, our glorious Paul was overcoming the effects of enough alcohol to drown a Clydesdale... and possibly the effects of roofies as supplied by an unnamed BBW. For not dying, Paul deserves our respect, our awe, and an official title. For his three (that we heard, anyway) 7-10 minute long bouts of Exorcist-styled puking he deserves our laughter, and for being the only man standing at 4:00am -- or, if we're being honest, drunkenly shuffling and/or crawling -- on Bourban Street, he deserves our applause. All I can tell you is, whether we were staring at his prone, broken form collapsed on the floor that morning and checking to see if he was still breathing, or we were laughing uproariously at his Emperor Palpatine-esque breathing and dying-old-man-moaning, we were all thinking one thing and one thing only: "DAMN. Now that's a 1%er."


RUNNER UPS (The Entire Florida Tailgate)