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Well, this is our first installment of the 1%er of the Month! This page is dedicated to those who put forth that extra 1% and deserve special recognition as a result. This is quite possibly an honor and you should quite possibly be proud of it. Who knows, we may even give out a special award for the person who gets the most 1POTMs in the year.

This first award was selected by me, but all future awards will be nominated and voted upon by our forum members. If you know of anyone who did something worthy of mention for this highly unprestigious award, please submit it in the forum link HERE.

Now on to the first award, which is for the month of February. I thought long and hard... no that's a lie. I thought while I was typing this out and selected Boob as our first winner. He earned it during the Spanish Town parade in Baton Rouge by showing the liver of a champion. He started the day off at 8am donned with a beer helmet (which he got at a nice price) and ran it through 2am. It was an impressive deed and he was selected as a result of it.


Our second award comes after taking a few months off. This award was given to the member who did more to ensure that this tailgate continues to grow into one of the better ones at LSU. Just in the past few months, Gary has initiated the "Jager Machines for Member Benefits" program and has gotten a 3-Keg Kegerator donated to the cause. He will be hosting the upcoming "Drinking Olympics" and also heads up the Spanish Town and St. Paddys Day parade coordination. He is also our official ambassador to the Houma people, and works diligently to improve our relations with those kind and gentle people :) So here's to you Gary, You certainly deserve this!

JUNE 2007 WINNER (Gary)

The third award goes to the 1% Club member affectionately known as J-Spice. He started his run to this award early in the month by miraculously funnelling whatever anyone funnelled in Florida... plus 1. As a result of his Herculean effort, challengers fell before his feet as he funnelled beer after beer (and Sparks).

It didn't stop there, though. Later in the month, he stepped up again by bringing home 4 Gold Medals in our annual Drinking Olympics. It takes focus, willpower and the stomach of a goat to accomplish this feat, and he's got all three. So congratulations J-Spice, you are our 1%er of the Month!

JULY 2007 WINNER (J-Spice)

Well, that's it for this month. Remember to put in your submissions in the forum link at the top of this page for the next month!

- Anti-Ventura